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Originally Posted by mr dave View Post
No pics but i run my guitar / bass in a wet / wetter setup. It always starts the same:

Instrument -> Stereo Flanger -> split signal

Then the signal is divided:

Line A - distortion / wah / delay / octaver / chorus / volume

Line B - big muff / bass wah / delay / reverb / flanger / volume

While there are duplicate effects I don't own duplicate pedals (LOVE pawn shops). The most integral pieces are the delays and volume pedals. Volume pedals are relatively cheap and incredibly versatile and useful. I HIGHLY recommend one to anyone out there.
Why do you run your pedals like that? I dont mean to sound accusatory haha, I just am baffled at that strange setup.

Personally I like mine super simple. With a 1 channel amp I set it half overdriven with a whammy overdrive/distortion and my big muff which can double at low settings as another distortion/overdrive pedal. With a one channel amp you sure get to know your volume and tone know super well. I recommend anyone who wants to get better with controlling sound with guitar to get a single channel and try to play clean/overdriven/higian all in one song!
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