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Originally Posted by RezZ View Post
Why do you run your pedals like that? I dont mean to sound accusatory haha, I just am baffled at that strange setup.
That's cool. It's not exactly standard, especially with the duplications. The main thing that isn't listed in my setup are the amps. LineA normally goes into a bright sounding Marshall combo and LineB goes into more of a low end (tone wise) bass amp.

Ultimately that setup is all about being able to create the thickest / lushest wall of sound I can make through my guitar. So on top of having left / right dynamics I also get bass / treble dynamics from either side of the sonic spectrum. The volume pedals are integral for 2 reasons, the standard balancing levels, but then you can also use it as an effect. There are two main effects that you can pull with a volume pedal, the first is tremolo (just rock it really fast), the other is more subtle, like a phaser. So I can have what sounds like a typical fuzzy guitar wall only to sweep in another level to the mix.

Think of it like an ocean with the tide coming in - you get one wave crashing and before it can completely fade away there's another one rolling in on top of it.

I used to be like you when I started out as well, super simple setup. One amp, one wah, one distortion. Then the GAS set in and I started collecting pedals and one fine day someone said "I wonder what would happen if you plugged in EVERYTHING". Haven't looked back since hahaha
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I type whicked fast,
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