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Default Producing, Recording, Mixing & Mastering Support

For the longest time, I wanted to create a super-thread about this kind of thing with all the links and discussion one would need to reference issues regarding production, recording, mixing & mastering.
Eventually, I realized that it would be too huge of an undertaking, and I certainly couldn't cover [and am not an expert on] all the possible topics, nor could I do it from any other perspective than my own, or resources I've found myself.
So, what I've decided to do is create this thread in hopes of it becoming a living, growing resource fueled by contributors who can answer any particular questions someone may have in regards to the music recording/creation process, or provide resources to help someone out.

The intent behind this thread is for any recording/producing musician to come here for help and/or tips on any particular aspect of the process, and those of us willing and able to assist will provide answers.
I intend to catalog and link to detailed & helpful replies here in the main post and categorize them for ease of access, and hopefully we can build a growing resource for both ourselves and others, so that we can more easily achieve our goals as recording musicians.

With that said, I just want to add that debating methods is fine, and reply answers can be edited by the particular author at any time, but we want to be free of any major discrepancies in those methods prior to them being included as a reference in the main post (apart from general stylistic methods). But, again, it's a growing (and evolving) project, and like any musician knows, it only gets better with practice!

This thread will be constantly under construction.

Feel free to share your thoughts, or request the thoughts of others!
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