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H34vY M374L
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Well buddy tell ya ass something mofo
**** you
**** emo
**** punk
**** rap
**** skaters
And **** you
and most of all **** Thrice

your music has came to the dead end
even yourself is telling that it has

i, as a metalhead can say that music has lived all the way since it has been created
now some of you may think your little slipy dipy slipknot or bands like that are metal
well tell you something buddy that aint nothing but my ****
so hoeabout you get ur virgin ears used to metal and think a lil deep why it hasnt died
because it uses talent
from the lyrics to the music
its about everything
it about life
life is what you want to end when you are pissed off at everything
everything is life
listen to metal
and no posing bitch ad bands
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