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allright "metal head" guy. first of all, enough with the stereotypes. life is what you want to end when everything goes bad? your a tool. quit assuming that because we are punks-or listen to punk- we know nothing about any other genre. slipknot metal? for f*ck sake dude, you really are a d***. what metal bands do you listen to? in yr 8-thats 4 yrs ago, i was at the same stage of music appreciation as you now. i was a metal head. sepultura, cradle of filth, pantera, ever grey, deven townsend, in flames. dude, i know a bit about your music stage. and mtal has died. there is no heart in it anymore. punk has and still is being exploited, thats fair enugh to say, but there is so much more punk out there that has not even begun to be corrupted. so pull your head out of your F***** arse long enough to think about what you are saying otherwise youll just look like a total ******* fool as you just have

whoa...i quoted atreyu, that means im hardcore. look how hardcore i am!! thats hardcore...XXX
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