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Turn Down the gain on pages guitar and he Didnt really do anything innovative, oh yeah, even with the gain up he didn't really do anything innovative. Page wasn't even the first to use a bow on a guitar, although he gets credited like he was. Iommi was one of the first to tune his guitar down and really pioneered the creepy and eerie guitar sound. He single handedly pioneered the guitar playing of a new type of music. Page Didnt do that. Page did have some heavy riffs but they were nothing compared to iommi. Page was more influential on blues-rock guitarists. But like I said, he isn't even the most influential blues rock guitarist.

Zeppelin gets so much credit as a pioneer of hard rock, in reality there were already some bands making hard rock. Sabbath was the more creative and innovative band. Iommi wasn't innovative? Ya right.

They both played some really simple stuff, but at least iommis simple stuff helped pioneer a new style of music. They both also played some more complex stuff. Iommi has some pretty good classically based stuff. The way he could mix classical with his heavy style resulted in a totally unique style overall. Iommi could even go acoustic and play some really unique sounding stuff, and some classically styled stuff.

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