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Originally Posted by SATCHMO View Post
I think that after you dial back the gain on his amplifier, there's not anything that Iommi did that was especially innovative.
I have to strongly dissagree with that. Every metal band in existance has at one point or still does downtune way below the Eb sometimes D standard tuning that many blues guitarists like Hendrix used. Iommi was the one who because of his injury downtuned his strings incredibly low for the time and as a result got an even heavier sound bringing the sound we know as heavy metal. Sure the first 2 albums are in standard tuning but live shows usually were not and every album after that was tuned way down.

He also popularized chugging. Sure bands had done some here and there, but that heavy 6th string chugging was pretty much his creation when artist look for inspiration in that genre.

Also you said it lightly that he had good riffs. He brought riffs of which noone had heard anything like every before. Their is a reason every metal band cites him as the main reference. just like every blues guitarist talks about BB King or Albert King etc. Have him play 2 notes and you know its him. Sure he wasnt fast and doesnt shred circles around other guitar prodigies but surely you can acknowledge noone was playing anyhting that sounded remotely like him at the time.
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