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Originally Posted by RezZ View Post
I have to strongly dissagree with that. Every metal band in existance has at one point or still does downtune way below the Eb sometimes D standard tuning that many blues guitarists like Hendrix used. Iommi was the one who because of his injury downtuned his strings incredibly low for the time and as a result got an even heavier sound
First of all, I strongly doubt that Iommi was the first guitarist to implement that tuning. Maybe he was the first to be recognized for doing so, but guitarists have been experimenting with and utilizing alternate tunings for ages. If a blues guitarist can tune to an open C chord for slide work then how much more common sense does it take to figure out that you can create a one-fingered barrable fifth by dropping your E string? Secondly, that tuning doesn't have nearly the same impact when your tone isn't saturated with gain, which basically reinforces my original point.
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