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Originally Posted by blastingas10 View Post
Are you forgetting how much pages playIng was saturated with gain? It was quite a bit. I know he did a lot of acoustic work, but other than that he used a lot of gain. "planet caravan" exemplifies iommi's less gainy, jazzy style. He could do more than just play with high gain.
Just because Iommi is missing a few fingertips doesn't necessarily mean he's Django Reinhardt. Planet Caravan is more the exception to the rule than anything else. I will give you that it does have a bit of a jazzy flair to it and it definitely showcases a different side of Iommi's playing, but here are many more examples of Page's work that are clean or acoustic than there are of Iommi's. It's true though, you don't really see Page diving into the jazz idiom at all. It just didn't fit into his style.
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