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Default Music video, looping, one man, Please help.

Im desperate.

Im looking for a artist and song name.

I saw the video on youtube for a year ago or so.

The whole video is shot in one take, no cuts. The artist starts in a kitchen and makes a beat by turning the coffemachin on and off, playing on some spoons, playing maraccas on a coffecan. This sound i looped so that he "builds up" the beat. I belive the loops are added afterwards, he dosent have any pedal in the video.

Then he starts to sing, and walks to the next room wich is a studio. There he plays many instruments. Piano, guitarr, drums. All this builds up to a nice song.

I belive that the songs chorus included something like "I hate you" or something like that. Even though it was a nice soft song.

Please help.
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