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Originally Posted by Unknown Soldier View Post
Sure I know Stevie's solo stuff really well and without a doubt her solo album Bella Donna is her best work, the song "Edge of Seventeen" is a classic cut, the only other album in her discography that approaches the quality of this album is Trouble in Shangri-La.
I'd agree with that, though I think there are tracks on "The wild heart" that make the album better than it actually is. But yeah, it's hard to beat the sheer class of "Bella donna" --- duets with Don Henley AND Tom Petty?
Up is a complex art rock album and is indeed a cold and inacessible bit of work, but I found its one of those albums that gives over to repeated listens to really enjoy the quality of the album, thats my experience of it anyway.
This is exactly what I found DIDN'T happen for me. I listened to it about four times, over a period of time, and I STILL couldn't get into it. Cold, inaccessible, yes indeed. Intensely unlikeable, as far as I'm concerned. Boo, Peter! Boo! And Boo to "New blood", too!
Page 9
I have a love hate relationship with ELO and often tell people I don't really like them, when in fact I actually do! Out of the Blue is a classic 1970s double and the band's crowning achievement and a better album than the previous A New World Record. Out of the Blue is probably the band's best album from their golden period along with Eldorado. It took Jeff Lynne several attempts before he was able to transform his love of the Beatles, over to a symphonic rock environment ELO style, Out of the Blue is that album. FTW my fav ELO album has to be Time, with its heavy synth approach its the swansong of ELO, but sadly its a forgotten gem.
Yes, "Time" is a classic, as is "Secret messages", but come on: ALL ELO albums are great! Well, I'm a little dubious about "On the third day", but even that has its good tracks...
Boston- I adore Third Stage and I actually bought it when it actually came out (showing my age here) When I first put it on and heard Brad Delp singing "Amanda" I was hooked, its an album I still love today and one of the finest AOR albums of the 1980s.
Loved the debut, wasn't mad about "Don't look back", loved "Third stage", especially considering how long we had to wait. Was that wait worth it or what? RIP Brad, you'll always be missed.
Ric Ocasek- I see you didn't do a review for Fireball Zone? This is a very good album and one of his rockier outputs, its got a lot of good material and "Mister Meaner" has to be one of the best songs that he has ever written, if you don't know it I'm sure you'll really like it.
Yeah, I had to make a decision: with seven albums to choose from and only four going to be featured, and having heard nothing of his solo stuff before other than "Beatitude" and "This side of Paradise", I just went in terms of doing the first and second albums, then fifth, then seventh or whatever, jsut to get an overall flavour of his work. I knew I might risk missing out a great album/reviewing a bad one, but that's the chance you take. I must give that a spin some time then.
You mentioned earlier that you thought Ric Ocasek was guilty of ripping off his old melodies, well Quick Change World is one of the worst cases of plagiarism that I know off, its the worst album he has ever written and the whole thing sounds like some shoddy cut and paste job of earlier material, its an embassing album.
Yeah, wasn't that a decision forced on him by the record label, who refused to release "Negative theater" but instead put out this bastardised version, this amalgam, this Frankenstein's monster?
Next time more of Ric Ocasek or part 2 of the NWOBHM and definitely page 10.
Cool! Always interested to hear what you have to say!
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