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Originally Posted by Freebase Dali View Post
I messed around with it for a couple years at the Y with a cousin and some locals. Had an unofficial trainer for a few months. Never actually joined a real gym. But I think I would recommend an actual boxing gym with an actual trainer if you're serious about doing it for more than a hobby or just messing around here and there. If you're not really into it, I think it won't really play out the way you may want it to.

If you're willing to put in the work, you may as well join a gym. I wasn't, and I wish I had.
As far as what to expect... well... no matter how serious it is, I'd say to just take your ego out of it and treat it like any other sport. The less it is about proving yourself, the more you'll learn about actually taking yourself out of the equation and implementing technique. The goal is to learn a skill. You just have to accept that and give yourself over to the learning, and not the emotional urges.
I found that part the hardest to try and overcome when sparring. I'd forget what I'd learned because I just wanted to win, or I'd become angry because I wasn't winning, and all my sh*t would go out the door.
Overall, in any physical contest, expect competition. But don't feel threatened by it. It's simply motivation to become better, no matter what it is you're doing. And that is what you should embrace, whether your trainer tells you that or not.
Good post. I know part of why I want to take up boxing is a way of channeling this aggression I've built up over the years. Obviously this isn't a good mindset to go in with if I actually want to do well. Getting emotional, you'll let your guard down, forget the techniques, and ultimately end up on the ground. I couldn't say whether I'm serious or not until I've put a good amount of time into it, but the gym my brother goes to for it has trainers who work with NFL Combine players, so I think they have an idea of what they're doing.

Originally Posted by Croatian Masochist View Post
Boxing is ok as a sport, but if you're looking at something more beneficial and fun, try Muay Thai or some other variation of basic kickboxing. Tae Kwon Do is also very fun (although difficult), but it's hard to find an authentic teacher sometimes.
Edit: I'm very biased because this my personal favourite, but Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is very interesting, and legitimately helpful if you're in some 1 on 1 bar fight.
I'm still a bit skeptical about how well martial arts translates to the streets, it seems to be becoming more obsolete over time. Also, it seems easier to half ass martial arts without putting in the effort (if you have a bad trainer), while boxing really takes a toll on you and you have to put forward 100%.

Maybe you could clarify what you mean by more beneficial. I'd think if a boxer and martial artist went toe to toe, the boxer would come out on top most of the time.

I wouldn't rule out a hybrid of the two though.
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