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Originally Posted by crukster View Post
What are the other World equivalents of this movement?
Well, I think I could do my bit here. So, in order to know the two main forms of folk rock in the country, we have to go to southern and north-western Spain, respectively.

At the Spanish-language thread, we talked about the fascinating story of the so-called Andalusian rock or Flamenco-rock:

Late 60's and early 70's: two American military bases in Andalusia (southern Spain): Rota (Navy) and Morón (mind the accent in the 2nd o; Air Force). It happened that the servicemen there had a good musical taste. So, through them, vinyl records containing the latest psychedelic and progressive music of the moment reached the Andalusian scene (especially the city of Seville) and influenced several local groups. As a result, unusual (and often fascinating) mixtures came up. Like these by band Smash (1968-1973):

Other significant Andalusian-rock bands:

* Triana (1974-1983): En el lago ("At the Lake", 1974) and Quiero contarte ("I Want to Tell You", 1979).

Una historia ("A Story") and Abre la puerta ("Open the Door"):

* Medina Azahara (since 1979): Paseando por la mezquita ("Walking in the Mosque", 1980) and Necesito respirar ("I Need to Breathe").

To be continued...

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