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Default Are Women People?

Are women really people, as men are? All the women I come across seem to be self-hating shrews and all the want to do is trap good guys by getting knocked up. I hate seeing my male friends being tied down and castrated like this!!! It's not fair, I don't I feel like I'm the only woman who really be cool with the guys and not try to control them, I feel like a dying breed! I think I'm more than just an incubator, I'm an independent woman with self respect and sassy salacious sexiness and guys seem to love me for it, but not every woman wants to take that path. And voting, why bother voting as a woman? I know that when I have my period, I just want to be told how to think, it's too hard! Wouldn't we better off if our men enlightened us to the ways of the world? Wouldn't we be better off if we were subjugated and put in our places? I like being in the kitchen servicing my man best anyway! Politics are so boring!

What do you think? Should we give women rights or are they better of being taken care of by men?

PS: I don't mean to offend anyone, but all my women friends seem to be getting too prissy and I feel like they would be better if they could just get ****ed like I do!
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