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If "In My Own Time" has other tracks as good as that ^ one, I think I might enjoy it more than "It`s so hard...", which at first I found quite disappointing - not just because, as you say, there are no original compositions, but because of the Billie Holiday singing style. Also, for my personal taste, there are too many lyrics about " missin` my man ".

So although some of the tracks, like "In the Evening", are beginning to grow on me, I think for me KD is going to remain an artist I`d rather read about than listen to. She cuts such an intriguing figure, drifting in from Oklahoma, rubbing shoulders with the greats of Greenwich Village and belatedly, reluctantly, recording just a couple of albums.

She hasn`t left a lot of material behind, and this powerful rendition from "It`s so hard...", is about the only clip I`ve found that actually shows KD performing. It gives an idea of the extraordinary control she had in her craft, and may help to dispel the image of Billie Holiday that lingers around KD`s work like a ghost.

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