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one more thing you guys arent remembering. different areas label similar things totally contrastingly. for one of you out there, "emo" may be defined as "pop-punk" to other people in other countries/cities or whatever. you guys could be describing a group or individual from your school or whatever to the board and everybody could be visualizing something totally different, perhaps even themselves. you could be labelling them as "preps" or "sell-outs" whereas you or another member may have been labelled as that yourself/themself. thats why the prospect of labelling is so preposterous. in each different area, there is a different social structure/basic belief. for example hXe or sXe might to some of you be basic "punk" or emo or whatever language, but other people have never heard of it. even from my brief chats to ally (emochick) on msn showed me that we have blatantly different morals and beliefs in the same topics as each other. now, shes in montreal canada and im in melbourne australia. both of us, it could be presumed, are in some way a part of our local punk scenes but the structure of those respective scenes are in no way identicle and hence we have completely contrasting views on basically all things.

whoa...i quoted atreyu, that means im hardcore. look how hardcore i am!! thats hardcore...XXX
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