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Originally Posted by Nik View Post
The final push came from a course on Music History I took in university (Classical period to Modern day). We had to memorize about 30 pieces of music and then had listening tests. Getting to know the music so well that you can pick out the piece and movement at any point in the music will really do a number on anyone, provided they stick with it.
I had to take 4 of those courses - Medieval/Renaissance, Baroque, Classical/Romantic, and 20th Century. So I know what having to recognize those pieces inside and out is all about Were you a music major? I see you're from Toronto, very cool, so maybe at U of T or York? RCM? Just curious.

I first got into classical music with Vivaldi. My dad has a recording of the Four Seasons on vinyl and he would play it occasionally. Taking music class throughout school introduced me to the most famous works of composers like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Debussy, Wagner... all those guys. When I started music in university my knowledge of classical music and composers went so far beyond any of the more famous composers and pieces - as far as getting really into 20th century stuff, like Schoenberg, serialism, Cage, Crumb, Stockhausen, minimalists like Riley and Young, and now more post-minimalist stuff.
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