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Originally Posted by tore View Post
Artists are also produced to different degrees. Some artists only bring their voice to the studio. The producer does the rest, such as deciding what the instrumention should be and finding the right session musicians and how to get the best sound for the record, which involves reverb levels and everything else affecting sound.

New up and coming artists don't always have much studio experience. You can't just put them in the studio and expect them to make a good record because they don't know how to. The producer will be someone experienced who will help the artist make a good record or, perhaps sometimes more cynically, turn that artist into something that can make money. The bigger an artist is the more produced they tend to be, but it's often also the case that the more experienced artists tend to take more creative control over their music as they gain influence and have the know hows.
I found that comment as being both insightful, and straight to the point. I`m... also somewhat of a wannabe producer/I dunno how to describe it, myself. And ive been wondering about what production actually is, and the producers role in it. Thank you very much for your reply! that was lovely
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