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Originally Posted by Gruffsnuff View Post
Ok i used to use Reason with Acid to make music quite a while ago, now i want to get back into it i have loaded reason 3 and acid again but i need to update can someone help me. You will need to treat me as a NOOB as i am now serious in taking this up as a hobby.
If you bought the programs, than usually there`s an option for an automatic update. Granted that perhaps updating may require you to buy the newest versions of both of these software. Though I recon that if you have legit programs, than you can download stuff from their website (you know, compressors, plug, etc), regardless of your version.

To be honest, I dunno much about Reason and Acid, but its logical.
However. If you downloaded a cracked version of those, than that`s a different story entirely. If that`s the case than you may have to do that again.
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