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Originally Posted by lyndon23 View Post
Greetings from Brighton UK! Noobie to your forum... I get song ideas middle of the night and want to leap up and bang them down as sketches to play to band later. what i need is a windows 7 prog where I can record drums either from my alesis hr16 machine or use a metronome loop (either imported into prog or built in) then same with my bass or use same looping technique (like 303) then chuck a guitar and keys on then couple vocals. Need simplicity cos I've lost the song idea by the time I've waded thru some progs. I've been recommended using ESI Maya to plug instruments in via USB. BASICALLY I NEED AN 8 TRACK PORTASTUDIO ON MY LAPTOP!! Please help. My dilemma is i just want to throw songs at the band and let them mess around with them before we rehearse. no fuss, just basic. thanx in advance for any advice you got for me. cheers!
Here is a list of the relatively easy to use programs that I know of which may suit your needs:

Recording software:

1. Nuendo
2. Cubase
3. Cakewalk sonar
4. N-track Studio
5. MixCraft
6. Logic
7. FL Studio

Granted there are others, but those are very user friendly (in my opinion). All of which work just fine on Windows 7
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