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Default Thoughts From the Booth (Film Journal)

I came here for music but have continually found myself talking about movies more often. It's been a passion of mine only recently but I've always found myself to be a lover of film. I work in the business. I've been a movie theater employee for over five years, the last three and a half being as a projectionist/manager of a small art house. The past year or so I've really just become obsessed with movies and try to watch as many new films as I can get hold of (You can check out my movie list of 2012 at the bottom of this post).

This thread isn't going to be just films that I've recently watched. I'm going to post new trailers I find interesting and basically anything regarding film that I feel like sharing. Let's see how this works out.

Movies I've seen in 2012 (old and new alike)

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