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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
I envy your job! Looking forward to more entries.
Thank you sir. I assure you that I have it EASY. I got lucky enough to be in charge of a dying theater, meaning there is A LOT of downtime. I still have hard nights such as thursdays when a new crop of films has to be spliced up and an old batch needs to be spliced down. That, and I still have to deal with people, but I can't complain being in this business with the job I have. I enjoy it.

Finally got around to seeing the famous Battleship Potemkin. I enjoyed it for what it was, a propaganda film that still had its cinematic moments. For those of you who watched it, did you notice that the Odessa stair scene had a baby carriage falling down the stairs EXACTLY like The Untouchables? I guess De Palma was a fan of Potemkin because it can't be a coincidence. The Odessa stair scene was definitely the highlight of a film that will be watched by film students for years to come. I'll have to check out Alexander Nevsky sometime as it's supposed to be more of a plot driven film.


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