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Default ARTIST/SONG HELP using only music vid - Don't know song title, or lyrics, just images

Hi guys, this is driving me mad but I need some help to find a song using only snippets I remember from the music video.

I saw the music video recently, so it would have to be a 2012 release, or late 2011.

The song style is sort of electronic/dance, with hip-hop, and pop influences. The singer is a white guy.

In the video he sings verses in a rap-style, and then sings the chorus. He wears dark shades and a leather jacket.

It's set in New York city at night, and shows the singer in a Karaoke bar with girls, then on the streets riding shopping carts, and singing in front of the bridge, amongst other things.

Is this ringing any bells? I saw it on MTV, so it's definitely more 'pop' and 'top 40' friendly than anything too underground.
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