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Wow, I am really enjoying this album. Well, maybe "enjoying" isn't the right word. In fact it's much too small of a word. The music on Fly, Fly My Sadness is so vast and elemental that I have a hard time imagining it being written and performed by human beings. This music sounds pre-human, ancient, all-encompasing, almost as if you are hearing the inner workings of the forces that drive all creation and destruction on Earth. It's so stark and pure and massive that listening to it is almost a scary experience, like looking into the chasm of your own mortality. Each time I've listened I've been left with the impression that it is perfect funeral music, the sound of the mountains and oceans simply existing, uncaring and unaware of our brief flashes of life on the skin of this planet. It many ways the feelings evoked by these songs are painful and depressing but it's also a beautiful experience, a reconciliation of a quieting mind with the way things are.

Thanks for the heads up about this thread, Lisnaholic. I've already tracked down one other Huun-Huur-Tu album, which is also excellent, and this has kind of rekindled my interest in other Asian folk and classical music as well.
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