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Originally Posted by Charlemagne View Post
There's no way I'm going to be able to do this...but I'll try
Maine: Ray LaMontagne
Maryland: Ponytail
Massachusetts: The Saddest Landscape
Michigan: Paul Baribeau
Minnesota: Doomtree
Mississippi: One Reason
Missouri: The Republic Tigers
Nebraska: Tilly and the Wall
God, The Republic Tigers are ****ing ****. Want to know something funny? Ken was dating this girl named Brianna, this latina with a nice ass, who was a total whore. I made out with her at a party before, and a friend of mine also ****ed her when they were still dating. Brianna would talk about how she hasn't be ****ed in forever, and how Ken couldn't get it up.

I have nothing against the guy personally, I just think it's hilarious that this indie rock douchebag's girlfriend was getting pawed over by the Kansas City punk scene.
Have mercy on the poor.
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