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In my opinion, The Beatles never made a bad album -although some are better than others.
Let`s not beat about the bush-this is a great album.
Perhaps not as ground breaking as initially thought, but at the time of it`s release (Dec `65) it`s worth remembering that the UK top ten contained such luminaries as Ken Dodd (The River) and PJ Proby (Maria) .
Bob Dylan`s continuing influence can clearly be heard on "Norwegian Wood" (Dylan was to parody this on "Blonde on Blonde" a few months later), but "Nowhere Man", "Girl" and "Michelle" gave Brian Wilson every reason to have sleepless nights!
(But it did inspire him to "Pet Sounds" which is also a fine album .)
47 years after it`s release, this still sells for full price in every music shop-you couldn`t say that about PJ Proby!
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