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Default The Triumphant Return

Some new songs for you to read. comments, suggestions, critiques welcome.

This Time It’s Time

Timing really is everything
It is the purveyor of our lives
Our biorhythmic standard

wars are fought for time
children put to the sword
seems the only true escape from time is through the sword

The moon is the ultimate
The embodiement of time
Showing us that all things pass
And steals the light from our souls

Begin the systematic slaughter of the faithful
Now is their untimely demise
Synchronize your watches

With heavy hearts we fight
And rage against the night

Chronophagia is my corrupted exsanguation

But seriously, I hate snakes Jacque

This is imperative
Monochromasticism is getting old

Hold up the last star you saw (it’s light permeating the sickly air) by moonlight we march in awe (our silhouettes faint under heaven’s stare)

I am merely immortal
The damage to the bridge is critical
Sound the general alarm, we’re in a dive
I’ll live through this but making friends is getting difficult

This is imperative
Apollo’s fiery steeds have died
The sun has no warmth let alone light

I am merely immortal
One note timeless, came out of nowhere...
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