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The Family of which you speak Moron is not Only Multi cultured but also made of many races..... Those who are family take responsibility for their OWN actions if they are silly enough to go kill someone that is on their Head NOT THAT OF ICP OR THE FAMILY...... We accept each other when the world and people like you turns its back on us.....many people have tried to kill off ICP and the Family.. but we are here to tell you .......WE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!
I get the distinct impression that you did not understand the vast majority of what I actually said.

I have this impression because you seem to be responding to things that nobody ever actually wrote at any point. Perhaps you would like to take the time to read what was written at some point in the future. Perhaps print it off and take it to someone who can gesticulate and shout dramatically in order to render it better understood?
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As for me, my inbox is as of yet testicle-free, and hopefully remains that way. Don't the rest of you get any ideas.
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I'll have you know, my ancestors were Kings of Wicklow! We're as Irish as losing a three-nil lead in a must-win fixture!
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