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bump #3, cmon guys, i havnt had one comment on this, in the mean time imma post this song i just wrote lol

The Movement of Love

The birds fly around
each one reminds me of you
floating delecately
thats the way you move

close to me
able to warm my heart
softly kiss my thoughts
everything i know is forgot

when you're in my arms
i feel complete
when you're around me
I never have to compete

I am everything I'm born to be
I'm not afraid again
I'm the same with you
never changed, same Evan

You said hold my in your arms
I grabbed your hand
took you out in the rain
my heart pounding like a rubber band

I told you nothing makes me feel this way
no action, no words will fill me up like you do
and no one can do this
I know when we kissed my heart grew

You said you loved me
and I said the same
there was only the truth in your words
there was no ****ing game

Love was simple, and amazing
your eyes touch my heart
and your smile warms my head
i melt inside, loneliness is fed

Now I am done
I'll never have to love again
I would hold you all night
until the rain dries from the light

and everything is beautiful again
your eyes described through words
my heart described by a vibration
I love the flowers, the light and the birds

and I'll accept in my life
that I am happy again.
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