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In my opinion, he's under-rated.

Also, we should remember The Herd - good music, plus a hint of his future 70's Pin-Up status as a Teen Idol in The UK in the Late 60's, both worlds combined.

Humble Pie Frampton was great. I have Performance as well. Excellent musicianship all round, and a good starting point to introduce someone to the real reason why Frampton is well-regarded to those who know more than the 70's hits. A couple of the early Solo albums were alright.

He knew he still had the looks and took the moment to actually have his moment in the spotlight, but on the plus side there are moments on the Late 70's albums that showed that he still had some good songs despite the sappy "I'm In You" stuff that many choose to focus on. The sad thing was that the cover of Frampton Comes Alive was too iconic for those who wanted to dismiss him on face value alone and that I'm In You's cover was a bit of a mis-step, making him a very easy target for those who don't know the whole picture. Although the Love Song singles like "Baby I love Your Way" were smart picks for the Top 40, they remain the few songs many have heard.

A little while back, I got Breaking All the Rules, one of his Early 80's albums, and actually liking some of the songs, especially the title track. It was good that he went away from the Teen Pop image and back into some good solid Rock after the fame which showed his strengths. Not a full-on comeback in my opinion, but something that at least made the come-down from the maga stardom easier at least with a fine album.

He's a good showman with a great playing style. Not too much a listener, but I think that he should be more respected.

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