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Originally Posted by briangriffin View Post

I was wondering: is that how (some) male teens felt about Frampton in 1979? that he was something of a cute fraud good for clueless girls for whom posters are a big part of music?

On a side note, let me say that in any event a decade that has Peter freakin' Frampton as the mediocre musician that brainless girls adore is a hell of a decade...

As a kid back in the 70's, I can seriously say that it was a good guess that with his love songs like "I'm In You" and "Baby I Love Your Way" being very regular airplay favorites, it was an exaggeration of a popular opinion with the guys. Plus, he did some damage to the image with the posing in a Kimono. To guys who possibly never knew about his playing with The 'Pie or any of his early solo albums, that was the image although I'm certain that they knew he was very talented - the so-called crime was that he was singing songs for the women and having hits with them in the Top 40 while who they call "Real Musicians" never played the Teen Idol game.

As stated before, he already had a moment in the Teen Idol spotlight in the UK while in the Herd, it's a good guess that he possibly decided to take the chance to go worldwide with it while he had the chance in The 70's, while still trying to keep focus on his music among the madness. Sadly, his success turned him into someone too iconic of The 70's (Frampton Comes Alive being one of the MEGA mega-sellers of The 70's), it caused many not to look beyond the image of a few years.

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