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48. The Doors - The Doors (1967)

Let`s see if I can go the whole way through this without saying once that I think the singer in this band is a total & utter cu.... oops almost. You know I love a nice big organ in my music & they don`t come bigger or better than Ray Manzarek`s big organ.In fact Ray Manzarek is my hero in this band & I doubt I would like them half an much as I do if it wasn`t for his influence. Choosing my favourite Doors album is a tough one , I bought all their albums as a box set so i`ve had an equal amount of exposure to all of them. I guess this one gets the nod due to it having the most of their most well known songs on it. However if you take out 'The End' & replace it with 'When The Music`s Over' I would have probably put this album a lot lot higher.

Favourite Songs - Break On Through (To The Other Side) , Soul Kitchen , The Crystal Ship , Light My Fire

47. The Go! Team - Thunder Lightning Strike (2004)

I ignored this band for a while because the name racked up images of some crappy punk pop band ....what an idiot I was.
One evening I was looking on the website for Later With Jools Holland & noticed that they would be playing on it.It said on the site that they sounded like a cross between Sonic Youth & The Jackson Five , that made me take note. I watched the show & it has to be said they were the best band on it , and the following day I bought the album. The Sonic Youth/Jacksons comparison was only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much going on in this record. It`s pop , it`s rock , it`s old skool hip hop & it just blends wonderfully together with it`s lo-fi fuzzy production , there are not many bands I can say this about but I am literally salivating at what their next album will bring.

Favourite Songs - Panther Dash , Ladyflash , Junior Kickstart , The Power Is On

46. The White Stripes - De Stijl (2000)

It was a really difficult choice as to which White Stripes album to include , this or Elephant. This one just scraped it due to my love of all things lo-fi & garagy, and I think this is probably the most bluesy album they ever made.Plus this one hasn`t been played to death on TV or radio. Oh and it was the first White Stripes album I owned. The great thing about this album is it`s rawness , It just sounds like somebody set up in a studio , knocked out a load of great tunes there & then , and then said 'yeah that`ll do' and put it out. Which is how it should be.This album to me sounds like it could have been recorded anytime between 1963 & 2000 , it`s just a timeless album. Listening to this now after hearing the incoherent mess that is Get Behind Me Satan makes me think that a back to basics album is badly needed.

Favourite Songs - You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) , Apple Blossom , I'm Bound to Pack It Up , Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?

45. Talking Heads - Fear Of Music (1979)

This is probably the hardest album for me to write about. It`s just one of those albums you really have to listen to yourself to understand it.To take elements of what this record about is pointless really. It`s far greater than the sum of it`s parts. Everything is contradictory. Some of the songs almost have a disco feel to them yet to call them disco would be a huge insult. The album has a serious tone yet a lot of the lyrics are just plain nonsence. I saw David Bryne being interveiwed on this album when it was nominated on Channel 4`s top 100 greatest albums. He didn`t have a clue what the album was supposed to be about either & said that he was going for the lyrical sound rather than what the words themselves meant , using his voice as an instrument as it were, On paper this album should be a huge mess , yet in my opinion (and I guess a lot of other people too) think this is Talking Heads best album. I have absolutley no idea what the hell I am rambling about here , just listen to it ...ok?

Favourite Songs - I Zimbra , Air , Cities , Life During Wartime

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