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Originally Posted by Urban Hatemonger

41. The Who - The Who Sell Out (1967)

The best album they ever did , better than Tommy (Concept albums are boring) Better than Who`s Next (You can tell a Led Zeppelin fan coz they always say this is the Who`s best album)and a lot better than everything else.Now it could be argued that this is a concept album and that I am contradicting myself here , but it`s a fun concept and it takes nothing away from the songs themselves. The songs themselves are great and stand up perfectly well on their own merits, in fact they were probably the last actual pop songs the Who ever wrote before coming this huge stadium rock monster. Of course this album just HAS to be heard for all the radio jingles. Sorry but I just couldn`t imagine the stars of today obviously taking the piss out of themselves like the Who do here. You think we`ll see Billy Corgan in a bath full of baked beans on his next album? I doubt it.

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I strongly disagree with that, and so would 99% of all diehard who fans.
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