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Default When is a band no longer a band?

When is a band no longer a band? How many members have to leave or die before the band is no longer the band?
Part of the answer is – It depends which members.
The Who – When Keith Moon died it was a major loss but when they played in the 80’s it was still The Who. Now they will tour without Entwistle. Is it still The Who? I would hesitate to see them because I don’t want to overshadow my memories.
Another issue is age. In this case specifically Roger’s voice. I have see other older acts lately and they have been very enjoyable.

The New York Dolls are touring with 2 original members. Is it the New York Dolls?
Further is running around playing Dead music with two key members and a Garcia clone. Fans seem to be happy.
If Guns N’ Roses came to town with one original member (obviously the most key member) would you say to yourself you saw Guns N’ Roses.
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