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Originally Posted by cgw View Post
I am making up a definition. I'm just looking for opinions on what "prog" covers.

In my mind Boston, Kansas, Foreigner, Styx, Journey are all lumped togther (in a late 70's group of bands). Can I assume you are not calling Kansas prog (and not the others) just because they have a violin?
Not at all. As it happens Unknown Soldier has pointed out that I am in fact wrong about them, and they are seen as prog. Boston, Foreigner, Styx and Journey however are generally accepted as AOR or melodic rock, but they would never be seen as any sort of prog. There is nothing of the tenets of prog in their songs: no long keyboard solos, no multi-part compositions, no lyrics about mythology: not even a flute!

Certain bands are accepted as being in particular genres, though some do cross over from one to the other. In the case of these four bands though, you are certainly barking up the wrong Wishing Tree....
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