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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Yeah I thought they might be but I haven't heard much of their output, except really for "Somewhere to elsewhere", which is a pretty damn fine album, so I wasn't really sure about them.

But come on: Boston? Journey? Where do these ideas come from???
They were well past their best when that album came out and doesn't approach the quality of their 1970's work their "Golden Era"

Most of the AOR bands so of that era had superb musicians, who were on a par with any prog artists. Had Boston been around say 5 or 10 years earlier they probably would've been a prog band.

Originally Posted by cgw View Post

In my mind Boston, Kansas, Foreigner, Styx, Journey are all lumped togther (in a late 70's group of bands). Can I assume you are not calling Kansas prog (and not the others) just because they have a violin?
A lot of this is open to interpretation, but I'd rank the bands above as follows. In fact to make things even more confusing, when I talk about all my favourite AOR bands, I usually call them just soft rock bands or even west coast rock.

Prog rock- I'm sure you know what this is
Pomp rock- Condensed prog that is streamlined. Often called Arena Rock to confuse people even more. Was only really used in the 1970s.
AOR- Fusion of soft rock and hard rock, based on melody but the power was there. Heavily produced to provide commercial appeal.

Kansas- Prog then later AOR
Boston- AOR
Foreigner- AOR
Styx- Prog/Pomp then around 79 became an AOR band.
Journey- The early stuff with Greg Rolie was art rock/prog rock before becoming an AOR band.

In answer to your earlier question. Only Kansas were an out and out prog rock band.
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If you can't deal with the fact that there are 6+ billion people in the world and none of them think exactly the same that's not my problem. Just deal with it yourself or make actual conversation. This isn't a court and I'm not some poet or prophet that needs everything I say to be analytically critiqued.
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