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Originally Posted by SATCHMO View Post
You're actually pretty right on with that, even if I don't agree with 80's Rush being an attempt at being FM (okay, maybe I'll give you Power Windows in that respect.) I really love poppy, 80's Rush. I think the fact that they are intrinsically a power trio really balance helped to maintain a balance in their sound when it came to doing more melodic upbeat material, and they were also one of the few rock bands to utilize synths in a way that wasn't positively grating. I don't really extol the virtue of much that happened in the 80's, but Rush's music seems to be an exception.
i'm pretty much ok with any era

except in the beginning when they were a Led Zeppelin clone

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Originally Posted by The Virgin View Post
what? i don't understand you. farming is for vegetables, not for meat. if ou disagree with a farming practice, you disagree on a vegetable. unless you have a different definition of farming.
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