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Default thedoors215's intro thread

I saw tonight that the intro thread of our new member, thedoors215, was closed, probably by Freebase. Would a moderator please reopen the thread? I feel it was closed in error:

Thedoors215 wrote in her or his intro thread, "Hey I'm new here, discussions about the doors would be awesome but I am also looking to hear about other rock, psychedelic, blues bands."

Freebase replied, "There are a ton of Doors threads here. Please learn how to use the search function. Thanks," and then the intro thread was closed.

Thedoors215 appears to be someone who likes the Doors and also wants to discuss other rock, psychedelic, and blues bands. An intro thread is where people introduce their likes and interests, and this member did just that but received a chilly welcome. If you look at her or his profile, you find out that our new member loves music and is looking to expand her or his knowledge, with her or his favourite band being the Doors. Thedoors215's interests are listening to music, watching films, and reading poetry.

This sounds like a member who is here because of a love of music. Even if she or he were here just to discuss the Doors (and this is unlikely, based on what the person said), I feel this would be no reason to close this member's intro thread.

Would you please reopen thedoors215's intro thread so that we can welcome him or her?
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