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Originally Posted by Extorris View Post
I haven't seen it, but now I have to see it. My father is a Rastafarian from Trinidad, and thus, I was exposed to a lot of Reggae and Calypso growing up. I tend to stay away from movies and end up ignorant to some good documentaries as a consequence. I knew he was bi-racial (I'm a mutt of a great, many ethnicities myself), but I'm sure there's some stuff I don't know that are hidden in that doc. Thanks OP for bringing this to our attention (even though it was a while ago but still valid in my opinion).

I have to ask why do you call yourself something as highly offensive as a mutt?? I realize it is your choice but I much prefer descriptives such as multi cultural or mixed race. It is so much more affirming as opposed to being derogatory.

as far as the movie -- I havent seen it yet. I own several documentaries based on Bob Marley himself as well as Bob Marley and the Wailers so I am very familiar with his personal history. -- having come from the West Indies it would be somewhat of a heresy to not have a deeper knowledge of this man. --I feel the same way about Bob Marley as I do about Martin Luther King Jr. Both were human beings who had shortcomings- don't we all??--but the positive things they have done in their lives far outweigh the negatives. For instance I personally am not an advocate of ganja but I understand some Rastafarians ( Bob Marley being one)believe it was given to man to use both medicinally and for spiritual enlightenment. He was also a man who had several children by several women which I am not a fan of either. But regardless of these things he was a very spirital person and a humanist - he was an advocate of the less fortunate and had a strong influence on Jamaica's opposing political parties. And I have to give him respect for walking the walk and not just talking the talk as they say
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