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Originally Posted by blastingas10 View Post
Just picked up assassins creed 3. I've enjoyed it so far. The graphics are great, best of the series. The fighting controls have changed, not so sure that I really like it. But I'm loving the tomahawk, you can get some great kills with it.

They've abandoned the medicine from the previous 3 games and have gone back to the original concept of health gradually returning to its full status. I think it was a good idea, but I never really had a problem with having to buy medicine to heal myself.

I'm loving the setting so far. I love running through the frontier and climbing trees. The storyline Is great. I wasnt expecting to start out as a British guy, not to mention his affiliation with a certain group. Then starting as a kid and becoming a man. It's unlike anything they've done in the previous games, other than being a young ezio.

I'm satisfied with this game so far, I'm not sure how it compares to the previous ones, though. Other than the graphics being the best, by far.

What do you guys think?
I'm torn between this and Dishonored. On the one hand you have all kinds of stealth ability and awesome gameplay with AC3, and you can download content that makes George Washington a mad/brit. And then you have Dishonored with an army of rats, what could be cooler. Also Black Ops 2 comes out Tuesday. Decisions, decisions.
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