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Before I opened this post I could have guessed every answer given here. To me, its a race to see ho can give the deep insightful answer first sometimes, so Im going to go way off the beaten path with my answer.

First of all im choosing Peart. Let me also say that, with exception of a few songs, I think Rush isn't that good. I mean their good, but their more math than music. And im not discrediting Moon's music or contribution to later generations, but as for who can hold two sitcks and hit them against drums? Its Peart. To go back to Jr.'s post, I'll agree with his fianal analogy, except that Moon didn't use all the crayons.

While it could be said that Moon did amazing designes with red blue and yellow, he never touched green, black, and orange. While I do think its fair to say Moon did what he wanted, I don't think its fair to say he did it all. I don't even know that he could if he wanted to.
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