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Originally Posted by JustJunMC View Post
That makes sense, they are all essentially the same. However, I find Pro Tools easiest for recording and mixing and multitracking, however FL Studio is catching up
Personally, I find Pro Tools to be unnecessarily complicated in terms of how and where they place things and ways to go about doing things. It's not set up very intuitively. A program like Sonar, however, does all the same things as Pro Tools but is very intuitively laid out, and allows for customization of workflow. It's one of the main reasons I prefer Sonar over Pro Tools.

For instance, adding buses in Pro Tools seems like an autistic person designed the process. And in Sonar, you simply open up the mixing console, right click and add a new bus. On that bus, you set the input and the output. Done.

That's just one of the many things I've seen using both programs. I understand that it's the industry standard for some weird reason, but it definitely can't be because it's easier than everything else.

As far as Fruity is concerned, that's geared more to production anyway. I wouldn't put it in the same category as either Pro Tools or Sonar, although both can do production as well.
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