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I have been asked by a few people what my objective is with the petition and what I’m I going to do with it, for clarification my broad intentions are below. Bear in mind, it’s still very early days, which is why I intent to use the facebook group as a place to take on board peoples suggestions and advice.

Objective: To raise the issue of compression and availability of high quality downloads with major record labels and online retailers

When: Once I / others (facebook group) believe that the petition has reached its peak, or has reached a number that I believe would warrant notice, ideally between 2000 – 3000 people
How: By letter to each of the major record labels and online retailers. The letter would bring to their attention the petition and ask them to take into consideration our views and ask them for comments (future plans etc).

I plan on using the facebook group to communicate draft versions of any final letter, to accompany the petition letter for people to comment on and who to write to. I will them email all those who signed the petition before it gets sent for comment.
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