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Ok I have used every major DAW out there, and with out a doubt the most powerful and user friendly (IMO of course) is Pre-Sonus studio 1 pro 2, there are tons of features that other programs just do not have, one of which is hoping from your master file to the mix, if you hear something in your master you need to bring up or down you literally click a toggle in the top left and it goes to your mix, also it has some amazing stock plugins, this is the first software I have ever used, that didn't make me think of something I wish it did or did better or easier, and best of all it is cheap, even free depending on your moral out look, I got a free copy when I bought my interface.

My favorite features are,

1.The mastering software allows you to arrange your album master, the whole thing in one view and has powerful features that detect volume differences between tracks.

2.The layout reminds me a lot of logic, my 2nd favorite DAW, and is super user friendly, it seems like the programer was inside my brain, making things easy to figure out because they are how you would of put them.

3.Stock plugins and presets are all you really need for a great mix.

4.You can personalize the home screen to have your album art and artist info, so that when you export, its already tagged correctly for the project.

5. they used colors that were designed to be easy on the eyes, so you do not get fatigued during long sessions.

6. It is a standalone software, you do not have to have your interface to open tracks, and edit tracks. making mixing on your laptop very easy and if you route your files to an online drive you can mix the same song from multiple places.

For the longest time pro-tools was what people swore by, mainly because it had way more plugins than anything else. but now there is a competitive market,
I very highly recommend this over every other software.
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