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Default Floyd Rose Trem Bar

Ok, so this one goes out to all the people with a floyd rose with the trem arm that has the collar piece that screws in. I have two Jackson guitars, each with a floyd rose licensed system. The first is made by Schaller. The trem bar fits into the socket nicely then there is a collar around that that screws in. If I screw it in to like an average tightness, the bar retains its ability to swing freely, so when not in use, it hangs down. If I tighten it a bit more, the bar stays where I leave it. The other Jackson has the Jackson model in it. Same sort of deal but no matter how tight I screw the collar on, the bar always swings freely which is a pain in the neck if I want it to be close by for certain pieces. So..., does anyone know a trick to be able to make the latter more like the former? Is there a place I can by a replacement bar that might operate more like the first one?
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