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Originally Posted by Blarobbarg View Post
Continuing my doom metal binge. If anyone has suggestions, I'm open to hearing them.
Ok, here you go.

Ugly, violent sludge. feedback so loud it hurts the ears.

My favourite doom album of 2012.

A traditional doom classic from the 80s and one of my favourite metal albums.

Likewise, a traditional doom standard from the 80s.

Beauty in music can mean many different things. It is possible to be downright ugly and still be beautiful. Still, however, I wouldn't generally describe doom, generally, as a beautiful genre. This is an exception.

I have, in the past, had musical beauty offered to me in some forms I personally cannot stand. A kind of unnatural, forced attempt that clearly must work to manipulate some and tug on the heart strings enough to convince people to hand over their money.

Personally, the slight riff change at 4:42 is more heart-breaking and beautiful than most singer/songwriter types I have had provided to me as examples, even if they had had their acoustic guitar forced so far up their own arse that they could pick it with their teeth.

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