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i specifically said in my post "I'm not syaing that the US should invade Saudi Arabia" I would never say something like that, I'm not stupid, so you misunderstood that part of my reply. My point wasn't that the US should go after all these countries instead of iraq, I'm trying to point out the double standard that the US holds for iraq and other countries. Lots of other countries stockpile weapons, even after the UN has requested a disarmament, but the US decides for some reason to go after Iraq. I'm simply trying to point out the fact that there is grounds to question the motives that Bush has put out. Yes, clinton did order strikes against iraq, however, he had the support of the UN, and his strikes were nowhere near the magnitude of the war at the present time. Just as a side note, before anyone accuses me of following blindly behind clinton's decision soley based on the fact that he was a liberal, that's not the case. I don't think clinton was a perfect president, not by any means, I do believe he was better than bush, but there are faults with every politician. Back to the point, every US president has had good connections and good relations with the saudi royal family, because of the oil business. And of course they've never viewed Saudi Arabia as a threat, because the US administrations (clinton's as well) have always turned a blind eye towards any reports warning of hostility coming towards america out of Saudi Arabia. However, bush's connections to the royal family go much deeper, to a more personal level, the same as Bin Laden's family. Are you forgetting how bush sned the entire Bin Laden family residing in america on private jets back to saudi arabia after saudi arabia? That the first flights out of america after the attacks were the bin laden family on those jets provided by bush? And when you say that no president has ever gotten along with Hussein, you're forgetting the Iran/Iraq war, where the US suppplied Iraq with a huge amount of weapons, and intelligence while turning a blind eye to the human rights violations that Hussein was commiting while in that war.
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