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Default Holy Crap!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by strung out rulz
As I am from Australia after watching bowling for columbine, i couldnt believe what i was seeing. I like his message of gun control, i think it is important, and then i heard bout his new film fahrenheit 9/11, i decided to do some research and found out how much of a manipulator and liar he is! before you respond to this thread check out
dude, i checked out that site,
man... i thought bowling for columbine was an excellent documentry, and i wouldnt of minded seeing the new farenhite one even though i disagree with michael morre's views, he was a good researcher, but now after reading all that website, michael is a complete jackass, there is no way im gonna see that movie now, and support him.
I hope everyone reads the site before they go and support Moore's stupidity
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