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Originally Posted by Goofle11 View Post
Weasel Walter - Mary Halvorson - Peter Evans - Mechanical Malfunction

This is just one of those albums that I can't really describe all to well (not that I have described much of anything in here ) but I simply have to say this is one of the best examples of free-jazz that I have ever heard. I am not huge into jazz in any form, and it takes quite a lot to truly impress me beyond saying "Oh, this is pretty" or "Wow, these guys can really play", but this certainly had me coming back.
This isn't on spotify
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I love how you edited your post to officially out me out of the closet?" It's like you asked yourself if you were a big enough cunt in the post, concluded that you weren't, and added it in to satisfy your postly cunt quota
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I converted to Islam today.

Allah Supreme.
A Love Supreme.
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saw LeBron James downtown but then I realized I'm just racist
The Best Collection You'll See Today
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