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Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
No, sadly it was a heart attack that took him. Richard Biggs (Dr Franklin) and Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar) also RIP.
I never realized that so many stars from the series had passed away. Richard Biggs was only 44! Also Andreas Katsulas I didn't know about and he was certainly the best known of the actors that passed away as he had a lot of good supporting credits over the years both in cinema and TV.

I've just watched "The Gathering" and read your review afterwards. All I will say is that your review is superb and serves as a perfect intro for anybody wanting to get into the series but without spoiling anything. As I said before I'd seen the first three seasons but had forgotten a lot of the stuff. I should be going through the first season very soon.

This is a superb journal, keep it up.....which I know you will of course.

There is a certain amount of corniness and even a dated feel about Babylon 5and it has some poor script work and acting BUT the concept is great, there are some smart and funny lines and most importantly it all hangs together very well.
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If you can't deal with the fact that there are 6+ billion people in the world and none of them think exactly the same that's not my problem. Just deal with it yourself or make actual conversation. This isn't a court and I'm not some poet or prophet that needs everything I say to be analytically critiqued.
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